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On Following Your Instincts

This guest post was graciously written for Crow Speak by metaphysician, psychologist, and friend -- Bror Vovk. He has a gift for offering insights that challenge my own personal status quo. We've talked at length in recent weeks about trusting your instincts and what that really means (as opposed to what social media memes try to convince us that it means). This post is, I believe, a nice summary of those ideas.

To question everything we do is the nature of our life. If we know it all, what point is there in studying The Arts or metaphysical phenomena in the first place? If you are on this journey, you are never above learning.

However, some of us find great anxiety and fear when it comes to which path to follow, which method to use, which way is right. Is this going to work? Are we wasting our time? Should we trust our instincts or not? If these fears become crippling, we can open ourselves up to bad physical experiences in our lives, bad spiritual experiences, as well as powerful struggles within our consciousness.

Anxiety is not intuition. My favorite way to describe anxiety is, trying to predict the future by what has already happened to you in the past. Anxiety is never in the present tense when you write it out -- it is always about what may happen or what has happened. Fear can be felt in the present, but not anxiety.

Intuition, on the other hand, is always in the present. It is that feeling you get in your body . . . the butterflies in your stomach, the tightness in your chest amongst a few . . . that lets you know that something is up. It is that awareness in the moment that can save your very life or help you make crucial decisions in any environment.

But how do we know when to listen to our intuition? Or once we hear it, how do we make use of it in a productive way? The answer is actually quite simple -- suspend judgement. Now, I realize that most reading this just rolled their eyes and remarked what an idiot I am. However, just give me a second to explain. I said the answer is simple, but I did NOT say the practice was. Still with me?

The practice is why we’re all here. The practice is the actual work, the steadfast dedication to The Art, to The Craft, to whatever it is that you find yourself attracted to throughout your journey. The beauty of suspending judgement while we practice is that it allows us to open ourselves to the new opportunities and answers that are out there for the taking. If we are not learning, we are not listening -- not paying attention to the powers and energies around us. And this is where the truly amazing transformations can occur.

The struggle will never be more beautiful if you can learn to judge what you experience not as right or wrong, but as many sides of the same beautiful truth. The truth that all things are possible if we can remain open enough, creative enough in our acceptance where we draw the notice of far more discerning and esoteric information.

Allow yourself to explore your own diverse nature. In this is the discipline you desire, the answers you seek, and the way to your own best experience. Your instinct is the connection to your higher path and way to achieve harmony in your work. Learn to listen and never stop learning. This is the formula for creating any and all of the infinite possible solutions available to each of us.

Happy Struggles,

Bror Vovk

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