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I'll Take "Things That You Shouldn't Swallow" for 1,000, Alex

I spent the day today reworking my witchcraft oils label template to include a warning. "For External use Only!" Something must be in the air right now, y'all. In all of the years that I've sold my oils, nobody has ever asked if they could be consumed. It honestly never crossed my mind. Today is a new day.

Over the past week, I've had several people ask if they could add my anointing oils to their morning drinks, if they could put a drop under their tongue, if they could add them to food, and if they could drink them straight from the bottle. The answer to all of those questions is NO. Please don't do that. They are never be taken internally.

I use natural ingredients in all of my oils. But do you know what "natural" includes in some of them? Natural iron filings, for one. Then there's natural cat hair, natural steel wool, and also natural black sand. Has No Hanna oil has a natural metal safety pin inside the bottle. A safety pin! I don't make the rules. That's how it's made. And the list goes on. Even if they didn't make you sick -- and trust me, they most likely would -- have you ever tasted essential oil of patchouli? Or Bay? Or Myrrh? I have accidentally tasted just about all of them. It's not hard to do when you're making a lot of oils in a day. You get a little on your hand, you don't wash your hands as well as you thought you did, then you go put ice in a glass for some delicious iced coffee, and boom -- patchouli coffee because patchouli oil was on your fingers. Ew.

No Fabled Crow oil is ever to be swallowed or taken internally in any way. Don't get them in your eyes, either. These are not herbal medicinal remedies. They are anointing oils.

Bathe with them, anoint candles with them, anoint your skin with them, add them to incense, feed mojo bags with them, sprinkle them on the ground, or sprinkle them across your threshold. But don't take Fabled Crow oils internally. Ever. For any reason. Please, and thank you.



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